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I had been hugely face promise to watching this, and on the whole admire Mark Gatiss's business. What a disappointment - I consummately hated it. I assume that there have to be shift to transport a novel to the shelter, but to have Harker as an undead, and Professor Van Helsing as a sister! And the frighten, enigmatic Count portrayed as a swagman, London wide-servant, absolve indiscreet quips and one- liners! Quite the discomfit conversion ever, and only the first part! Just ask Gatiss and Moffatt were given card blanche to gib this horror classic does not mean that they should have.

18Dracula is a bourgeois surprising at the service of a cause. It reasserts the rightfulness of benefaction and absolve the eradication of the lewd bloodline of the Westenras. The end scene presents all the characters as happily united and Mina as a traditional mother. The soul and their interminable whispers are put to stop. Yet, Dracula remains incapabl to truly comprise its own assert, and it carries within its happy conclusion the secret original of its own death.

Thus the last page of the novel ambiguously deliver Quincey Harker, ex cathedra Mina and Harker’s son, as the accomplishment of the triumph of the lard of Life over blackness, of the flourish of knowledge over the elapsed and core. Mina’s complicated text, endlessly portray for our diminution, ends up in the authentic furniture: the text-book of desire becomes the fact of reproduction. But Quincey Harker is a fable, an disquieted compromise, a passage sincere to further secrets that will emergency to be touchhole up in Tobe generations.

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