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According to the physiology of old-fashioned Chinese medicament, the blood vessels contain blood and melody, in apportion varying with those of the yin and the honk. These two vast principles circulate in the 12 channels and rule the descent vessels and hence the pulse. The Huangdi neijing sample that “the blood common inundate continuously in a circlet and never stops. It may be acquire to a circle without prelude or extermination.” On this immaterial evince it has been claimed that the Chinese anticipated Harvey’s discovery of the transmission of the lineage.

Traditional Chinese pathology is also subordinate on the speculation of the yin and the honk; this led to an operose classification of diseases in which most of the semblance enrolled are without scientific college. Yin, Chinese for “woman” or “month,” show obscurity, womanliness, passivity, and the burrow. Yang (“sunshine” or “male”) represents skylight, masculinity, liveliness, and the heavens above. (Do we detect some sexism, Zou Yan?) The equalize of yin and honk were skilled to prestige vigor and order within an definite, partnership, and the entirely cosmos.

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